Beautiful You

Although the Butterflies life is short, it is an amazing transformation of what we all experience in our lifetime. Life presents many choices. It is our choice to be as strong, or not, as we chose to be.

It all starts with an egg, and inside a tiny caterpillar. As the caterpillar begins to grow she becomes very hungry and begins to bite through the milky weed that surrounds her. Because this substance has a glue-like feel, a number of caterpillars often don’t make it through this stage, as their mouths are glued shut in the process. The ones that fight and survive break through the skin and triumph.

A striking combination of colors begins to blossom. The caterpillar then grows bigger and more vibrant. Tentacles begin to grow and as she continues, tiny little feet appear.

As the caterpillar grows, she feels strong as she moves quickly in search of a place to spin her silk for the next part of her journey.

In finding that perfect place, while connected to a leaf, hanging upside down and without falling, this amazing creature wiggles to free herself from her old skin. Through this difficult process, she never gives up. The transformation of shedding her old life has now begun.

Safe within her cocoon, she is protected to grow and is disguised from all predators. Without knowing where she is going, and with complete and utter trust, she is allowing her transformation. It is within weeks that she will emerge with wings to fly.

This amazing butterfly, completely shedding what does not serve her, now flies into this beautiful new world, one that she has only seen in her dreams. She made it, total freedom.

This is the story of all of us. We are born of this world into so many possibilities. There are times along the way we develop a glue-like substance that prevents us from speaking our truth. Along the journey, we strive to find the strength to break out of old patterns and old habits, daring to find that light in the world.

Life experiences can be difficult, but with complete and utter trust in one’s self and one’s source, we can and will emerge stronger and brighter than ever before.

Do not fear the journey, it is meant to teach both you and others. Stand strong in who you are, know that you are of the most high and that you are being guided. Trust, believe in yourself, find your way and know that if God put a dream in your heart, he will be right there to see it through.

“Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it showed great faith, trust and strength, and became a butterfly.”

Maria Savoy